Breakfast Awards Ceremony for bike achievers at Mind in Tower Hamlets

MIND in Tower Hamlets and Newham

Celebration of successful completion of cycle training

John Biggs, Labour London Assembly member, presented participants in the MIND in Tower Hamlets bike project and had completed Level 1 and Level 2 Bikeability with an award on 11th September.

Rosie Tharp, LCC Community Cycling Officer met John Biggs who told her that he did used to cycle and loved it although he now walks to work instead.
Although Mr Biggs is no longer a cyclist he recognised the importance of the achievements made by both service users and staff who had taken part of the project.

MIND in Tower Hamlets' Bike project

MIND in Tower Hamlets have been working with instructors from Bikeworks to ensure that participants have the necessary safety and awareness skills to cycle on road and have been organising regular rides including one to the Olympic site.

The aim of the project is to get a couple of participants trained as instructors so they can take over the cycle training element meaning that the project will be sustainable in the future.

Abdirashid who works at MIND has been encouraged by the difference cycling has made to the individuals concerned:

“It has been really nice to see service users and staff learn new skills alongside each other and I think it has made us interact in a different way with each other. I have seen individuals grow in confidence and I am sure it makes a difference to people’s overall well-being.”

Art exhibition at City Hall

MIND in Tower Hamlets have an Art Exhibition at City Hall as part of Time for Change week and LCC are working with Mind in Tower Hamlets to organise a ride for members of the bike project to the exhibition. The exhibition runs from 1st to 23rd Oct at the Chamber Lobby, GLA City Hall, Queens Walk, London SE1 2QQ. For more infoand for more details contact the community cycling team via the form below.

Congratulations to all those participants that received their level 1 and level 2 cycling certificates and here is to achieveing Level 3!