Brent Cyclists work with London authorities, as well as independent organisations such as LCC and Sustrans, to improve conditions for cyclists in Brent.

Brent Cyclists also meet monthly to discuss campaigns and plan rides and socials. Use the links on the right to visit the Brent Cyclists website or messageboard, or follow the link below to contact Brent Cyclists.


Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month except January. Meetings are at 7.00 pm at Brent Samaritans, 1 Leopold Road, London NW10 9LN.

Contact Brent Cyclists by via the link below for further information.

Cycle training

What do you want? To get started? To build up your skills and confidence? The tips and tricks of safe cycling?

Brent Council is offering free cycle training to people who live, work or study in Brent. Call 020 7231 6005 to book your training with Brent’s chosen provider, Cycle Training UK, or follow the link on the right to find out more.