Brent Cyclists publish their vision for cycling in one of London's outer boroughs

The London Cycling Campaign group in Brent has published its own blueprint for the future of cycling in the borough (download the PDF).

Entitled A Cycling Plan for Brent, the 27-page illustrated document contains ambitious, concrete proposals aimed at transforming the cycling environment of the whole borough, from Kilburn in the south to Queensbury in the north.

The group, led by respected blogger and local activist David Arditti, has produced the plan in response to the proposals outlined in the Mayor’s Vision for Cycling in London, which envisages, among other things, intensive investment in a number of outer London boroughs to create so-called 'mini-Holland' town centres. 

Coordinator of Brent Cyclists David Arditti said:

“I took the initiative, as soon as the Mayor’s Vision was published, to make the Leader of Brent council, who is a cyclist himself, aware of the potential for Brent to benefit from a mini-Holland project.

"His officers asked us for ideas for a bid, so we set to work to create a radical plan, as this is a borough which needs radical solutions, with its major infrastructure barriers, particularly the North Circular Road, that make navigating it on a bike extremely difficult.

"We have called for a truly 'Dutch' approach, focusing on building a network using segregated tracks on wide main roads; the closure of smaller roads to rat-running traffic; and the provision of new bridges or underpasses to get across the North Circular and the railway lines – along with a 20mph default speed limit."

“It seems that Andrew Gilligan, the Cycling Commissioner, understands the need for major investment in outer London, and wishes to see the boroughs proposing big changes. We view this as potentially a pivotal moment, and want to work as closely as possible with the council to take advantage of it. The signs are that they want this too.

"Furthermore, Gilligan has said that the mini-Holland boroughs need a target group who are currently under-represented in cycling, and this is very much the case with Brent’s large non-white communities. Even if we do not win mini-Holland status, we need plans for the Superhighways and Quietways that are promised in the Mayor’s Vision, and this document also contains our thinking on those.” 

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