British Waterways uses giant 'hole' to slow down cyclists

photo A painting of a hole in the towpath was used to slow down cyclists in Islington

British Waterways used a novel method to encourage cyclists to slow down on the Regents Canal towpath during Bike Week.

A giant hole was painted on a canvass on the ground by the canal in Islington by 3D artists Joe Hill and Max Lowry.

Cyclists slowed to avoid 'falling to their deaths' in the illusory canyon, and waterways staff were on hand to give safety advice.

Minority of cyclists need slowing down
British Waterways' towpath ranger Joseph Young said, "The majority of cyclists share the space amicably. However, there's a handful who refuse to slow down. That's why we commissioned this art - we hope it will shock."

He added that rather than an attempt to restrict cyclists, the art was there to encourage appropriate use of the towpath.

Use appropriate speed for the conditions
"Cyclists must use a speed appropriate to the canal's bollards, low bridges and pedestrians."

British Waterways warned it will keep the art, complete with waterfall and plank, to use on other occasions.