Broadway the latest success in New York's living streets revolution

Plans for Broadway in New York should make the street more pedestrian and cycle-friendly

Cyclists and pedestrian haven't had much to shout about in New York City, until recently that is.

Broadway is the latest street set to be transformed by the forward-thinking policies of Michael Bloomberg's administration. Under the leadership of New York's billionaire mayor the city is undergoing a transformation.

A spokesperson for Transportation Alternatives (NY's safe streets advocacy organisation) said, "[These policies] will save dozens of lives and create a new generation of public spaces in the heart of Manhattan."

Several major public plazas, such as Madison Square, have already been redesigned with fewer traffic lanes and larger recreational areas. All over the city cycle lanes have sprung up, while parking zones have been decommissioned.

A million more New Yorkers by 2030
Faced with the prospect of a million more residents by 2030, the city governors have realised that the amount of space that's been allocated to motor vehicles isn't viable in the future.

These changes are all the more remarkable that the city faces a serious public transport deficit

This remarkable transport revolution is being steered by Bloomberg's commissioner for the department of transportation, Janette Sadik-Khan.

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