Bromley Cyclists' Parks and Ride

Ride around the local park organised as part of Bike Week 2009

As part of Bike Week 2009, Bromley Cyclists organised a ride around the local parks.

The ride was well attended as you can tell from the picture above. One family attended together with their son. One of the parents hadn't cycled in years and the other only infrequently.

With some uncertainty on the part of family members as to whether they would be able to complete the ride, the whole family managed to do it all the way with the support of the group and the prospect of a snack and a drink at the Crystal Palace Park cafe at the end of the ride.

Designed to be a family ride, the pace was kept easy at all times and the support from more experienced cyclists helped as well.

After this successful Bike Week event, Bromley Cyclists want to stay in touch with all participants and keep them updated with upcoming family rides.