Bus companies

National Express

Dismantled and fully packaged cycles will be carried provided space is available.

T: 08705 808080

Dartford Tunnel Cycle Service

There is no cycling in the tunnel so they provide a bus to transport you and your cycle. Going in the other direction you can cycle over the bridge.

T: 01322 221603

Oxford Bus Company

Services between London and Oxford, Oxford and Heathrow and Oxford and Gatwick.  They carry up to 3 bikes in the boot if space is available.  Chains and pedals need to be fully covered and panniers removed.

T: 01865 785400

Stagecoach Oxford

Services between Oxford and London. They carry up to 3 cycles packed as for Oxford Bus Company.

T: 01865 772250

Silver Choice

Services between London, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Fully packaged bikes will be carried.

T: 01355 249499