By train

Although claiming to be positive towards combining cycling and rail services as two viable transport options, many operators still ban bicycles during peak hours. In addition, some operators do not possess the space to transport great amounts of bicycles. While LCC is campaigning for better provision for cyclists on the rail network, we advise you to check your operator's cycle policy before travelling by train. 

It depends on the train company how many bikes fit in every carriage, and if they are allowed in peak hours. Train companies are usually the most flexible to transporting folding bikes, which do not take as much space as regular bicycles. In addition it may be necessary to make a reservation beforehand. 

National rail has compiled a useful flyer, outlining the different cycle policies of train companies, which can be found in a digital version of 2015 here. Also, more general advice on taking bikes in trains can be found on the national rail website.