Calls for Mayor to reverse decision on watered down plans for Cycle Superhighway 2 before Mayor's Question Time on Wednesday 21 January

Whitechape Market and buses

LCC's local group in Tower Hamlets, Tower Hamlets Wheelers, are organising a photo call with Darren Johnson AM and other Assembly members outside City Hall on Wednesday 21 January at 9.15am to demand that the Mayor rethinks his decision to remove key features from his plans to make Cycle Superhighway 2 safer. Six cyclists have been killed on the route since it became a superhighway in 2011.

This comes ahead of Mayors Question Time where Darren Johnson AM has tabled two questions (see below).

Transport for London held a consultation on the upgrade to Cycle Superhighway 2 between Aldgate and Bow roundabout in November. 95% of respondents supporting protected space along the route, but after opposition from Whitechapel Market, plans for a segregated cycle track on this section of the route have been axed. Instead, cyclists will be expected to leave the protected cycle track and mix with buses and vans while passing the market - a daunting prospect for many people who cycle, or who would like to start cycling. LCC and Tower Hamlets Wheelers have concerns that the watered down plans will compromise cyclists' safety

When: Wednesday 21 January 2015, meet 9.15am for a photo at 9.30am

Where: Outside City Hall, The Queen's Walk, London, SE1 2AA

Darren Johnson's formal questions to the Mayor are as follows:

Watering down of plans for CS2 safety improvements (1)

Question No: 2015/0066

Darren Johnson 

Cyclists in Tower Hamlets are dismayed by your decision to water down plans to make cycle superhighway 2 safer. The section running by Whitechapel market has been downgraded so that, instead of benefitting from a fully segregated cycleway, people cycling along the eastbound side of Whitechapel Road will have to mix with buses in a five-metre wide bus lane that includes a two-metre cycle lane. These are the same design features that were incorporated into the original CS2 design. How can you justify watering down these safety improvement plans when there is a clear and urgent need for a radical overhaul of this route which has already claimed the lives of six cyclists?   

Watering down of plans for CS2 safety improvements (2)

Question No: 2015/0067

Darren Johnson 

It has been suggested that the main reason you have abandoned plans for safety improvements on CS2 is because Whitechapel market traders want to park their vans in loading bays next to their stalls. Other markets in Tower Hamlets such as on Chrisp Street and Watney Street do not provide this facility. In addition, the bays at Whitechapel market are loading bays only, but traders routinely exceed the loading times, thereby breaking the law. Why should east London cyclists be put at risk to facilitate rule-breaking in this way?