Camden Cyclists website

The mapping system shows different routes, bike shops, parking and more is a web-based route library for London cyclists. Created by Camden Cyclists, the LCC group in Camden, it allows users to browse a map of their local area and view cycle routes, bike shops, hazards and on-street cycle stands.


A screenshot of the menu showing LCN routes and options including show bike shops and show parkingYou can also zoom in and out and search for postcodes within the map, meaning users can easily find their nearest cycle stand or bike shop, as well as plan routes avoiding hazards or using useful short-cuts or LCN routes.

The map currently shows almost all the LCN routes in Camden, Westminster, Islington, Hackney, Tower Hamlets and the City, as well as many of the longer off-road routes (canal towpath, Harringey's Parkland Walk, and so on) and park routes. They hope to extend this to all the inner London boroughs as soon as possible.

How does it work?

The project is based on Google Maps and the Google Maps application programming interface.

The routes are accessed via a menu organised into categories such as LCN, NCN, park, utility, leisure, schools, and so on. Most route categories are further subdivided by boroughs, but the LCN routes are organised on a London-wide basis.

Colour is used to distinguish all the main categories, both in the menu and on the map itself.

The system has a satellite option and shows information as detailed as the number of cycle stands on a street

They are also developing groups of routes covering smaller areas: for example, a school routes scheme which will result in a 'spider map' for each participating school showing recommended routes to that school.


Can you help?


Camden Cyclists are looking for volunteers to help them add routes and other useful information to the system. This includes LCN routes and off-road routes for the areas they have not yet covered, as well as favourite routes from LCC members. The system currently shows more 100 routes including some 30 favourite routes submitted by LCC members many of which provide an excellent basis for planning safe commuter routes or leisure rides.

Information about London Cycle Network Route 6 on the system

To contribute routes, you use Google MyMaps to generate and save a 'path' representing a route. You can then use the system to install the route in the menu and add a short textual description with a link to more detailed information if desired. The system automatically generates information about the route's length and other details. Once the route is installed, all this information is available in an 'info window' that pops up with a mouse click on any route.

If you’re interested in volunteering and would like to know more, please see the information on contributing on the website.