Campaign Success as Superhighways open

London Cycling Campaign (LCC) supporters today joined departing Mayor Boris Johnson to celebrate the opening of the new East-West and North-South Cycle Superhighways at the junction of the two, at Blackfriars Bridge and Embankment.

LCC was instrumental in the creation of the Cycle Superhighway programme, in the shift from “blue paint” to protected cycle tracks, and latterly in the creation of the truly international-quality East-West and North-South Cycle Superhighways opening formally today. The huge numbers of cyclists already using the North-South Cycle Superhighway demonstrate London is finally becoming a cycling city – thanks to LCC’s campaigning efforts.

The North-South and East-West Cycle Superhighways came about directly as a result of the pressure LCC applied to the Mayor during its “Love London, Go Dutch” campaign that called specifically for all new Cycle Superhighways to be completed to tough “Go Dutch” standards put forward by LCC. The ten point agenda included specific commitments that “Londoners young or old, occasional cyclists or experienced ones, will be safe, and will feel safe cycling on main roads” and “Londoners will be able to negotiate all junctions safely and conveniently whether cycling or walking.”

The aim of the campaign was to ensure Londoners of all ages and all abilities could finally cycle easily, safely and happily in their city. As Dutch cities already see, the way to increase cycling rates is to create a network of direct, safe routes separated from heavy streams of traffic. And the resulting benefits are enjoyed by all residents – with reduced congestion, pollution, more healthy residents and more.

London Cycling Campaign - 'Big Ride' in 2012

10,000 Londoners joined LCC’s “Big Ride” in 2012 and 40,000 signed the Love London, Go Dutch petition in 2012. That directly resulted in a major shift in Mayor Johnson’s approach. In January 2013 he appointed London’s first Cycling Commissioner, and shortly after announced his “Crossrail for bikes” plan that became the East-West, as well as his plan for three mini-Holland boroughs (again, directly asked for in the Love London, Go Dutch campaign).

Ashok Sinha, CEO London Cycling Campaign said:

“It’s a proud day for London Cycling Campaign. We can see from the numbers already cycling on these new Dutch-style Cycle Superhighways, despite them only just opening, that the appetite for international-quality cycling tracks and infrastructure in London is huge. 

"The new Superhighways, running right through the centre of the capital, have ensured the outgoing Mayor has not only made good a promise made to LCC's Love London, Go Dutch campaign, but put London on the map of world-class cycling infrastructure. The next Mayor has promised they will build on this great legacy by tripling the mileage of protected space on Cycle Superhighways as part of LCC’s Sign for Cycling campaign. They too can make an historic contribution to making London a greater city by keeping this promise."

Mayoral candidates Sian Berry, George Galloway, Zac Goldsmith, Sadiq Khan, Caroline Pidgeon and Sophie Walker have all committed to LCC’s three point Sign for Cycling agenda, if elected to: triple the number of miles of protected cycle lanes on London’s roads; enable a ‘mini-Holland’ scheme for every London borough; and upgrade the Safer Lorry Scheme and use planning powers over major construction projects so that only the safest lorries, with ‘Direct Vision’ cabs and minimal ‘blind spots’, are allowed onto London’s streets.

This means, whoever becomes Mayor, they have committed to continuing outgoing Mayor Johnson’s work on cycling.

LCC will be keeping up the pressure on the new Mayor to do just that. Will you join us? With more members, the louder our voice. Join for just £3.50 a month and benefit from a free legal advice hotline, third party insurance, London Cyclist magazine as well as a free gift and the knowledge that you are supporting safer cycling in London!


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