CAMPAIGN SUCCESS! Cycle Superhighway begins to take shape on the Embankment

We're delighted to see the new East-West Cycle superhighway beginning to take shape along the Embankment, where cyclists are already making good use of the near-finished stretch leading up to Westminster Bridge. The route will provide a fully segregated cycle lane which people of all ages and abilities can enjoy.












This is a huge campaign success for London Cycling Campaign, who in in 2012, along with 10,000 supporters who joined us on our 'Big Ride', called for streets that are as safe and inviting as they are in Holland. In response, the Mayor promised that he would deliver all new cycle superhighways to best continental standards. The construction of this route, along with the North-South superhighway also under construction are a direct result of our 'Love London, Go Dutch' campaign, along with tireless efforts from our local groups and activists.

London's Cycle superhighways have, in the past, left a lot to be desired. But the new East-West and North-South superhighways will introduce protected space for cyclists in central London. The new superhighways - a new North-South route running from Elephant and Castle to King's Cross, an East-West route running from Tower Hill to Paddington - are due for completion in March 2016. 

We congratulate the Mayor on finally taking such a big step towards delivering on this promise and are excited to see, and ride, the finished routes!

Following our persistent campaigning and a mass petition to the Royal Parks, Transport for London have just announced consultation plans for a safe space for cycling route around Buckingham Palace. Before this there was a gaping hole in the East-West route in St.James's Park. 

Much more needs to be done for real Space for Cycling in London. Even on this route LCC needs help to convince TfL to provide safe access from Tower Bridge and to avoid risky junctions on Parliament Square.

Join our movement and help us campaign for more Space for Cycling like this.



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