Campaigner Awards 2014: Winners!

Our 2014 Winners!

Campaigner Award Winners 2014

On Saturday 11th October following our annual AGM and Campaigners' Conference we announced the winners of our 2014 Campaigner Awards; celebrating the work and efforts of our wonderful local groups and activists.

Mark Ames joined us to present the awards in four special categories.

You can watch Mark's pre-ceremony presentation on 'Top Tips for Cycle Campaining on his blog. It's well worth a watch for any budding 2015 Campaigner Award winners!


Best Ride Leader

Jointly awarded to Eve Evans (Bromley Cyclists) and Bridget Wilkinson & Nic Fripp (Waltham Forest)

The judges chose 2 joint winners for this award. They thought that the winners had used innovation, enthusiasm and commitment to attract a wide spectrum of people to join rides in parts of Outer London where it is usually hard to do so. 

The judges also praised all the other nominees expressing their admiration for individuals who had either started a new series of rides from scratch or sustained classic rides over many years. 

Best Local Group Ride or Event

Awarded to Hounslow Cycling Campaign for their Safe Routes to Schools Event

The judges were particularly impressed by the innovation of the Chiswick Safe Routes to School event - which brought together pupils, parents and headteachers from five Chiswick schools as well as local politicians, the police and Council officers.  The event combined a Space for Cycling ask with constructive political engagement as well as engaging children about wider cycling issues such as the environment and safety.  Thanks also to Chiswick Buzz TV for documenting the event for others to view online.  Congratulations to the Hounslow Cycling Campaign.

Best Local Group Campaign or Initiative

Awarded to Enfield Cycling Campaign for their Mini Holland Bid Support

The judges felt that this was a great example of a local group working together to achieve real change. 

Enfield Cycling Campaign worked with the local council in their Mini Holland bid, influencing the layout of streets and cycle lane markings. They did it involving all members in the group, and took some innovative action - including a Cash Mob. Through their activity they've gone from a group that had by their own admission ‘lost direction’ to being highly active and effective. Congratulations Enfield!

Outstanding Contribution to Local Cycle Campaigning

Awarded to Jean Dollimore (Camden Cyclists

Jean Dollimore, Winner of the Outstanding Contribution to Cycle Campaigning Award 2014

The judges agreed that this was one of the hardest categories to decide on given the sheer numbers of volunteers working tirelessly across London to improve cycling.

They managed to whittle the long list down to a shorter list including Clare Neely, Charles Barraball, Danny Williams and Chris Kenyon, David Arditti and Eleanor Margolies but in the end it was unanimously agreed that the award should be given to Jean Dollimore.

Like many others on the list she is a classic example of someone who has slogged away for many years standing on street corners in the rain with a petition or a bike counter, but she has also been involved in several controversial projects and with patience and sheer hard work managed to ensure that dialogue has not broken down.

She has also demonstrated creativity, for example in her use of filming to bring home to decision makers the everyday challenges for cyclists. The fact that cycling on Royal College Street has increased by over 100% since the improvements were completed speaks volumes and the LCC are delighted to recognise her contribution in this way.

Well done Jean!

Judges' Special Award

Also awarded by our Judging Panel was a Special Award for CyclingWorks. The judges wanted to give a Special Award to Chris Kenyon, Jono Kenyon, Nick Kocharhook, Danny Williams and the other individuals involved, for their work on the pioneering CyclingWorks website which aims to build support from London Businesses' for the N-S, E-W Superhighway plans. 


Many thanks to Mark Ames and our Judges for making the awards possible:

  • Ann Kenrick, Chair of the LCC Board
  • Tom Bogdanowicz, Senior Policy Officer, LCC
  • Lucy Pearce, Head of Activism Impact Team, Friends of the Earth
  • Robbie Gillett; Space for Cycling Campaigner, CTC

Most importantly, thanks to everyone who made nominations this year; the range of activities, rides, events and campaigns put forward has been amazing and really highlights the incredible efforts, skill and time put in by all LCC’s local groups. The judging panel were hugely impressed by each nomination and really found it hard to pick our winners this year!

We’d also like to say a big thank you to VEGLO for donating two of their amazing new lights as prizes for some of the individual awards. Their lights; which focus on lighting up the human shape rather that the bike; are winning prizes left right and centre and flying off the shelves. Water resistant and USB rechargeable we suspect they will be in many a cyclists' xmas stocking this year!