Campaigner Awards Winners 2016

Our campaigner awards seek to recognise the amazing work and achievements of those who volunteer in our local groups and make London far better for cycling with their knowledge, enthusiasm and passion.


Ride leader

Highly commended - Steve Smith, Newham Cyclists - A new rides leader, Steve has organised a varied calendar of rides that are described as both well-organised and fun – and this year included leading over 70 inexperienced riders to Freecycle!

Highly commended - Geoff Stilwell, Camden Cyclists - Geoff’s rides across Camden are popular and he puts in a lot of effort to tailor rides to riders. But his work with Sidings Community Centre earned him particular praise – attracting families and folk new to cycling, bringing the pleasure of cycling to the community.

Winner - Winston Gordon, Hounslow Cycling - This year Winston put Hounslow on the map, literally – by getting his annual Open House London rides into the Open House guidebook. The huge amount of effort he puts in includes regularly changing rides that often cleverly tie in to key borough campaigns and concerns.


Local Group Ride or Event

Winner - Bike Train, Southwark Cyclists - These run from Nunhead and Peckham Rye stations to Blackfriars via quiet and comfy routes with instructions on how to get back. The judges felt these well thought-through rides were a great idea for encouraging less confident riders to cycle. And also provided a visible presence at key train stations on a regular basis to promote the group. The judges wanted to highlight especially the work of Sally Eva who was nominated for Campaigner of the Year in part for her work on these rides.


Family-Friendly Local Group Ride or Event

Highly commended - Butterfly Ride, Southwark Cyclists - This ride was praised for being particularly welcoming and well-planned – with picture sheets to identify butterflies and a gentle route to wildlife nature gardens.

Winner - Walthamstow Family Bike Club, Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign - Monthly, very popular rides throughout the entire year with gentle paces, short distances and lots of play and café stops, plus excellent marshalling. The rides are now so popular and cater to such a range of abilities that they now often split to cater for littler and bigger kids. The rides were also praised by judges for touring the new infrastructure Waltham Forest’s mini-Holland is introducing regularly – introducing newcomers to it and getting great social media at the same time!


Local Group Campaign or Initiative

Winner - CS9 Postcards, Hounslow Cycling Campaign - Throughout the last year, Hounslow Cycling Campaign have been handing out postcards to the public to send in to the Mayor – these were also included in the September issue of London Cyclist magazine, and the group have targeted political leaders including Andrew Gilligan, Darren Johnson and Caroline Russell with their message. The judges praised a powerful and physical campaign in a digital age, with the postcards often featuring added comments from the public to reinforce the message.


Campaigner of the Year

Commended - Sally Eva, Southwark Cyclists - Sally’s enthusiasm and organisation at Southwark Cyclists have seen the group thrive. And entries named her specifically for her work on the Bike Trains rides.

Commended - David Arditti, Brent Cyclists - The backbone of Brent Cyclists for many years, where he has managed to tread a fine line in being critical of the council but also bringing them on board.

Commended - George Johnston - Only recently relocated in Southwark, George blogs and campaigns tirelessly for cycling – forging links and bending ears at Regents’ Park Cyclists, Clean Air in London and in the Mayor’s Policy team.

Commended - John Hartley & Richenda Walford, Camden Cyclists -Their work on the Keep the Tavistock Tracks Campaign has inspired local activists to write letters and emails to councillors and the local media, engage with fellow residents and businesses and hit the streets to leaflet people at peak times on Tavistock Place – including using an innovative business card format.

Highly commended - Paul Gasson, Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign - For sustained campaigning on Waltham Forest’s award-winning mini-Holland project. This has lately included Paul running many study tours of the area for visitors from other London boroughs, but as far afield as Denmark and Newcastle. Paul is also the key part of Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign’s council liaison team, with a calm and constructive attitude at all times proving vital – all while supporting and mentoring those from other boroughs who have come to learn what Waltham Forest are doing right, and wrong – if you’ve not been out yet, do go.

Winner - Clare Rogers, Enfield Cycling Campaign - Enfield’s mini-Holland schemes, like Waltham Forest and Kingston’s, haven’t had an easy ride. Clare took over the reins of the campaign at a challenging time – and has led with zeal, intelligence and admirable calmness. She was praised repeatedly for her communication skills, for engaging positively with and bringing in the wider community, and for her ideas – from a builders’ breakfast for those working on the A105 scheme, to creating the Better Streets for Enfield group, and reaching out to Play Street organisers. She also won praise for her focus on children and family, and cycling the cycle, as it were – with Clare often seen on the school run with her kids on her tandem.


Special Award for Campaigning


David Eales, Ealing and Hounslow Cycling Campaigns - The judges felt that it was appropriate to highlight David Eales’ entire career as a cycle campaigner after his tragic death in August from T. E. N. disease. David was a pillar of the cycling community and will be much missed. He led rides, campaigned, fixed bikes and was omni-present. In 2010 he founded the Ealing Bike Hub, which became the London Bike Hub – a true hub of activity, including bike maintenance and recycling, training and all-ability cycling – which brought a hugely diverse slice of the community to cycling – including local councillors and MPs. The Leader of Ealing Council, Julian Bell said, "If ever someone was irreplaceable it is David. He gave so much to the community and his commitment to cycling was unmatched."