Campaigner Awards Winners 2017

Thank you to everyone who made it to the LCC AGM on Thursday 19th 2017. The lively evening was rounded off by a very short Campaigns Awards.

I apologised at the time for keeping it short (we were rapidly running out of time at the venue), but promised a follow up of all the fab work and brilliant campaigners we were celebrating!

We had a wonderful list of nominations for the catagories below, which is a testiment to the fantastic breadth of passion and dedication in the nominations list, and judging was incredibly hard.

A big thank you to Tom Platt from Living Streets who helped judge this years awards, and Stuart Kightley, head of the personal injury and cycling team at Osbornes Law, LCCs legal partner, who helped present the awards on the night. 

1. Best Ride and Ride leader

Highly commended: David Senior

David has been supporting the Southwark Healthy Rides for over 15 years, sometimes at short notice, being an invaluable source of knowledge, expertise and support for Greenwich and Southwark cyclists.

Winner: David Eales Memorial Ride - Nick Moffit with Ealing and Hounslow Cycling Campaigns

The David Eales Memorial Ride to Amsterdam was organised by Nick Moffit with support from the Ealing and Hounslow Cycling Campaigns, raising money for LCC and SJS Awareness in memory of David Eales, a much missed LCC campaigner. Alongside raising funds, the ride took in the cycle infrastructure of France, Belgium and the Netherlands, Nick has created a book on how to complete the ride and what to see, so that other keen cyclists can join in.

2. Best infrastructure campaign

Highly commended: Enfield Cycling Campaign for the A105 cycle lanes

This year saw the start of a major section of the Enfield Mini-Holland, and Enfield Cycling Campaign have continued their brilliant work, working with officers, feeding back on infrastructure concerns and genuinely  driving the best scheme possible into creation.

Highly commended: Hounslow Cycling Campaign and Timothy Harris: Church Street Isleworth closure to motor traffic

Hounslow Cycling Campaign and Timothy Harris campaigned successfully for the trail closure of Church Street to become permanent – completely transforming a hostile street for pedestrians and cyclists alike and busting cycling myths about air pollution and congestion along the way.

Winner: Brent Cyclists for the Carlton Vale cycle tracks

Brent has been campaigning for a safe cycle route along Carlton Vale since 2012, and due to their amazing dedication, their scheme will officially open next month. They communicated their idea though the press and with the wider community, building support and enthusiasm for the scheme. They securing funding for the tracks, and overcome complications from neighbouring boroughs. Brent Cyclists have brought the Council to a place where they are much more pro-cycling by being a critical friend to the council, and building relationships with councillors.   

3. Best campaign initiative

Highly commended: Brenda Puech: the People Parking Bay

Brenda’s idea of turning a parking space into a Parklet caught the headlines, and was an incredibly imaginative and popular way to question the amount of space we allocate to cars over people on our streets.

Highly commended: Newham Cyclists: WI rides

Newham Cyclists reached out to the local Women’s Institute group, and has been working with them to help their members start cycling again, building up to bigger distances and actively engaging an under represented group in the cycling community to get involved.

Winner: Enfield: Surprise breakfast for Enfield Cycle lane workers

As part of their very successful ‘mo’ of being the positive voice of the mini Holland and active travel,  Clare Rogers and Better Streets for Enfield took breakfast out to the builders creating the new cycle lanes, a lovely idea that was welcomed by the workers and generating lots of positive media interest for the cycle tracks

4. Best family-friendly event

Highly commended: Enfield Cycle Campaign: ‘Try a bike’ at the Palmers Green Festival

At the Palmers Green festival, Enfield Cycling Campaign arranged for a number of family and inclusive bike to be available for people to try, and proved extremely popular! The result was not only 70-80 people on the day getting involved, but relationships with the local bike shop that they are continuing to develop.

Winner: Hackney Family Cycling Library

Run by Ruth-Anna Macqueen and Alix Stredwick of social enterprise CarryMe Bikes C.I.C, the Hackney Family Cycling Library loans out bike and family cycling kit, giving parents the chance to try new bikes and get back on 2 (or more) wheels with their family. The wonderfully successful scheme has been used over 200 times now!

5. Junior Campaigner of the Year

Winner: Ben Chico

Ben is a regular bike rider, and ran a 5k race earlier this year to raise funds for LCC. He’s also a keen campaigner, starting a petition to limit the number of HGV’s using Euston Road during School hours.  At just 10, Ben is a very worthy winner of our Junior Campaigner of the Year.

6. Campaigner of the Year

Highly commended

  • Tabitha Tanqueray (Cycle Islington)
  • Jono Kenyon (Hackney Cycling Campaign)
  • Elizabeth Eden (Southwark Cyclists)
  • Charles Martin (Get Sutton Cycling)
  • Clare Rogers (Enfield Cycling Campaign)
  • Paul Gasson (Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign)
  • Selena Calder and Grant Gahagan (Haringey Cycling Campaign)
  • Alex Jenkins and Julie Plichon (Tower Hamlets Wheelers) 

Winner: Ruth-Anna Macqueen

Ruth-Anna has been a tireless campaigner for LCC and cycling for many years, and we are incredibly proud to be able to present her with Campaigner of the Year. She is an active member of her local group and involved with the (relatively) new Women and Cycling group. She has also passionately campaigned to get more parents and kids cycling, from setting up and running the Hackney Family Cycling Library and Kiddical Mass rides to creating online resources (Family Cycling UK and the Hop Onboard Project). Ruth-Anna has not only created brilliant ways to engage parents, but has set up these ideas, funding them, bringing others on board and being a true champion of cycling.