Campaigners Conference helps shape strategic direction for cyclists at 2014 local elections

On Saturday 8 September around 100 members, supporters, trustees and staff gathered at South Bank University to discuss the London Cycling Campaign strategy in the lead-up to the 2014 local elections.

Keynote speeches by chief executive Ashok Sinha and campaigns chair Mustafa Arif emphasised the importance of building strong foundations now for a “ward-level” campaign of a kind not attempted by LCC before.

There was broad agreement at the conference that we should build on the success of Love London, Go Dutch, calling for safe and inviting streets for cycling at the borough level by engaging local councillors, schools, businesses, civic leaders and NGOs all over Greater London.

LCC cycling development officer Gerhard Weiss said, "We were pleased many conference attendees were new to campaigning, and delighted to involve representatives from all 33 London boroughs."

The main speeches and workshops – including sessions on social media, messaging, local group activism, and partnerships – will be available on our website next week.