Campaigners persuade Kingston council to open secure bike parking

photo KCC The local LCC group in Kingston has facilitated public access to this secure bicycle park.



Kingston Cycling Campaign has facilitated public access to a secure 140-bike parking facility at Guildhall, headquarters of the borough council.

The trial by the Safer Kingston Partnership hopes to stem rising bike theft, with a trial opening to the public on Saturdays in September and October 2010.

Cycle theft in the borough has increased by more than 40% in some areas, with 363 bicycles valued at more than £108,000 reported stolen in the year up to August 2010.

The secure cycle parking compound, previously used exclusively by council staff, was completed in 2010, and has controlled-entry and is monitored by CCTV.

Kingston Cycling Campaign suggested that because the facility was unused at weekends, the council could make it available to the public at weekends.

The facility is right in the heart of the central business district of Kingston. 

Jon Fray of the Kingston Cycling campaign said “We’re pleased to see that this pound is being put to good use on Saturdays. We hope that cyclists will use it and that the facility can be made available on a more permanent basis next year on Saturdays and Sundays too.”

On Saturdays in September and October the parking compound will be staffed by Police Community Support Officers who will also provide advice on cycle security and discount vouchers for cycle locks. The secure store is open 9.00am to 6.00pm every Saturday and is free to use.

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