Capitalise on the 23% Boom in London Cycling

The London Cycling Campaign (LCC) welcomes Transport for London figures (released 22 July 2004)  which show a record 23% increase in cycling in London over the past year.  We believe this is the sharpest one year increase in cycle use ever recorded for a British city.

The growth can be attributed to better information, such as the route guides produced by LCC with Transport for London; the productive work of LCC volunteers; and more facilities for cycle users. More cycling means less traffic congestion and a cleaner environment for all Londoners. A healthier population also means lower health costs.

Frances Hoy from Kennington, who started cycling in London a year ago says: "Getting on a bike saves me time and I'm saving a fortune on fares.  I get to work faster and I get my daily exercise without going to the gym.  I never realised that cycling in London could be so much fun."

LCC says the sharp increase in bike use highlights the need for improved provision for cycle users in the capital.

"The cycling boom shows thousands of Londoners have spotted the benefits of an enjoyable, healthy and fast way to travel. All of London gains because of reduced congestion and pollution"  says Tom Bogdanowicz, LCC Campaigns Manager. "London authorities now need to deliver better conditions for all those new cyclists and that means investment in cycle parking,  cycle routes, and cycle training. It's not much in terms of cash but there's a big pay-off for the capital because of better health, less traffic and a cleaner environment".

To assist all the new cyclists in London, LCC has released  (July 2004) a range of 12 free booklets about everything from Cycle Maintenance, to Cycle Security and Cycling to Work, which can be downloaded from this website.

LCC volunteers have contributed to the increase in cycling by helping to produce the free London Cycle Guides as well as organising rides, community cycling projects, maintenance sessions, Dr Bike clinics and by answering thousands of enquiries from new cyclists.

Note: 23% increase on TLRN (trunk roads administered by TfL) 19% on borough roads. Both compare May/June 2003 to May/June 2004.