Capital's cycling boom official

The London Cycling Campaign welcomes the steep increase in cycling revealed in new figures published by Transport for London. Cycling counts on the capital’s busiest roads reveal how cycling has doubled between March 2000 and August 2005. The number of cyclists now on London’s roads means that the Mayor is well ahead of the targets set to ensure an increase in cycling of  80% by 2010.

Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London,  said: "Cycling is the fastest, cheapest, most healthy and environmentally friendly way to get around London, which is why we are investing almost £20m this year to improve cycle facilities in the capital. The number of cyclists on our roads has doubled since 2000 and we've already exceeded our cycling targets five years ahead of schedule, on top of achieving a shift from car use to public transport. I will now be looking at setting tougher targets so we can continue to build on this success and encourage many more cyclists in London."

Jenny Jones, London Assembly member and a cyclist, said: "Things are different for cyclists now in London and that has led to a lot more people escaping the jams and crowds by jumping on their bikes. Countless Londoners have seen the rewards of cycling and many more are thinking about it.

"We need to convince all those people who have an unused bicycle sitting at home, that we are dealing with all the fears and hassles which cyclists used to experience. That is why we in London have made it such a priority to deal with bike theft, insufficient cycle parking and improving road safety. Cycling keeps you fit and is good for the environment, but we also want to show that it can be fun, too."

LCC calls for new targets to be set

Zoe Macalpine , Chair of the  London Cycling Campaign said: "The London Cycling Campaign is delighted that the Mayor's target for an increase in cycling has been exceeded ahead of time and we call on him to set a more ambitious one for the next five years.”

Good for London, good for you

Tom Bogdanowicz, campaigns and development manager at the London Cycling Campaign, said: “We are pleased to see so many people using bikes in London. It’s good for the riders and it’s good for London because of the reduced congestion and pollution.” 

LCC 'Snapshot' counts shown to be accurate

The latest TfL figures reflect counts conducted by the London Cycling Campaign: “Snapshot” counts in Westminster and Islington show that the number of commuter cyclists has more than doubled in some areas over the past five years.

First winter on a bicycle?

Recognising the needs of new cyclists, this website contains many features about how best to enjoy cycling right through the year such as free downloadable booklets as well as contacts for cycle confidence training and on-line ordering of free cycle route maps.