Car clubs

A car club provides its members with quick and easy access to a car, without the hassles and expense of owning one, and helping to reduce car dependency.

Why join a car club?

Car clubs result in a reduction in car miles driven, with members increasing the amount that they walk or cycle, using public transport more often and rearranging how they make journeys.

Car clubs can save members money and hassle, and because they make car travel more efficient, they are better for the environment too.

Belonging to a car club makes it easier for members to meet their transport needs without running their own car, or in some cases without owning a second car.

How the system works...

Book Using telephone or internet, for as little as half an hour at a time or for as long as needed. This can be done seconds or months in advance.

Unlock Cars are located in designated, easy to access parking bays and opened using the member’s smart card.

Drive Once inside the driver simply enters a pin and drives away, returning the car at the end of the journey, which can be extended if necessary.

Pay Pay-as-you-go charges include fuel, insurance and all maintenance costs. A subscription charge is paid either monthly or annually. 

Want to know more?

There are a range of car clubs operating in the UK, from small, community-based enterprises through to large commercial operations.

For more information, use the car club map, the cost calculator or visit Carplus using the links on the right.