Car Free Day 22nd September 2003

How will Islington participate?
The choice is yours.

For Car Free Day this year the London Borough of Islington has support from TFL, including £10,000, to organise something on either:

Sunday 21st September

A small-scale road-closure in a fairly public place near shops and suchlike.

Sunday appears to be TFL's preferred day, as it won't involve disruptions to weekday commuter traffic.


Monday 22nd September

A small-scale road-closure near a school, university or community centre.

Monday is of course the official European Car Free Day, so it would be nice to go with that if possible.

TFL have stated that they would not consider closing any major "red route" roads on the Monday, and possibly not on the Sunday either.

Since LBI will not be closing off the entire borough centre to car traffic, they're not sure that there is any major benefit to having the event on a weekday, as traffic will always be able to get around the small road closure.

So, it will be basically a promotional event, rather than a mass-modal-shift exercise.

It could be that the weekend is a better time for this, as more people will be able to visit the temporarily pedestrianised area to see what roads could be like once they are freed from the car and returned to the people.

The following are locations that have been suggested so far:

Cross Street (Sunday)
Northampton Square (Monday)
Beresford Rd (Monday)
Conewood St (Monday)
Engelfield Rd (Monday)
Amwell St (either)
Finsbury Square (either)

What do you think? Which day and what type of event would you prefer? Do you like any of these possible locations? Are there other locations that could be closed on either day, or what kinds of events and activities should be held in the car-free space?

Please contact

C: Eric Manners (Green Travel Officer)
T: 020 7527 2771