Celebrate our Successes at the Cycling Media Awards 2014

Intent Media has announced the Cycling Media Awards 2014, which will reward and recognise every area of the cycling media industry. With award categories relevant for both our campaign's like Space for Cycling and media platforms including, London Cyclist magazine and this very website, we're keen to be nominated.

If you think we deserve to be a finalist too, please nominate us for a Cycling Media Award. Categories include Cycling Magazine, Cycling Website and Cycling Campaign of the Year but you can view a full list of titles here.

Lobbying for the awards is open until Thursday 31st July, 2014 and to make your nomination(s) you just need to email cma@intentmedia.co.uk with a brief explanation of why we should be considered as a finalist in the relevant title.

If you would like to nominate Space for Cycling as Campaign of the Year, please see this round up of the campaign's successes and also some of the key points about the campaign as a whole:

  • Space for Cycling is the most ambitious, and most successful, campaign ever launched to promote and market cycling, and quality of provision for cycling in particular, to local politicians in the UK.
  • The outcome, in terms of political commitment, was exceptional. More than 50% of the near 7,000 candidates in the elections signed up to specific Space for Cycling improvements following 85,000 messages from campaign supporters.  
  • 43% of the elected ward councillors in London signed up to the Space for Cycling ‘asks’ for their specific wards. A total of 14 councils now have a majority of councillors who support Space for Cycling. In seven councils 100% of councillors are Space for Cycling supporters.
  • The ambition and hyper-local scale of the Space for Cycling Campaign is un-paralleled in the history of cycling and breaks new ground in marketing and promotion by small organisations. No transport campaign group or organisation has ever tried to message thousands of aspiring politicians, nor to persuade tens of thousands of individuals that they must take action ahead of a local election. 
  • In London we had to track down 7000 candidates’ names and email addresses. Without official sources it required months of online trawling, emails and phone calls to secure the data. Separately, 629 council wards had to be surveyed, consultation meetings held and a detailed campaign ‘ask’ chosen for each one.
  • The Space for Cycling Big Ride near the end of the campaign attracted 5000 riders including children and riders with disabilities.