Celebrity Panel and Discussion

Cycling’s leading advocates talk about one thing they do (if they ruled London) that would most increase cycling. Each guest will speak for three minutes - LCC’s Management Committee Chair will keep strict time and at the end of their (hopefully) impassioned and persuasive speeches, you, the AGM audience, get to vote on which idea you think best.   

There will then be a debate amongst the panel on the following statement:
‘If we could tame London’s motor traffic we would not need a cycle network’
At the end of the debate there will be a question and answer session with the audience.

The panel comprises:

Phillip Darnton, Chair of the National Cycling Strategy Board and the Bicycle Association.

Prof David Begg, Chair of the Commission for Integrated Transport

Deborah Moggach, author and screen-writer

Ben Webster, Transport Correspondent for The Times newspaper