Charity shipping bikes to Africa seeks London expansion

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A recycling charity that has shipped over 30,000 bikes to Africa from the UK is looking to expand into London.

Re~Cycle ships donated bikes, tools and spare parts to Africa, where partner organisations refurbish and distribute them.

The bikes are some of the millions of those thrown away or left to rust in the UK.

Millions in Africa are forced by lack of transport to walk up to four hours per day to school, work or fetching water.

Looking for London benefactors
Founder Merlin Matthews said, "Ours is a successful, award-winning charity. We know we have the skills to expand our operation productively, but we need help.

We're looking for space in London: ideally, around 6000 square feet, with access for 40-foot container.

"We also need staff and volunteers to help set up and run the expanded operation premises.

We could expand in other locations too, if there were premises and people willing to help with the task."

We're urging people to look at our website, in particular the How to... section, which includes all kinds of best practice advice for people wanting to set up their own recycling projects."