Chief executive praises BikeTube effort

More than 11,000 people used London Cycling Campaign’s resource to help them to cycle to work during the strike.

LCC created ‘BikeTubes’ (not TfL, nor anyone else): our five led rides guided people who were immensely grateful for the support, comradeship and information.

We intend to carry on providing BikeTubes on Thursday, and also in the future, even when there is no transport disruption.

LCC believes it has the best chance of changing behaviour permanently by capitalising on the disruption in individuals' lives, in this case travel behaviours

The key to making change permanent is to give people a positive experience, which is why the led rides are so important.

It is of great benefit to individuals and to London if people discover the advantages of commuting by bike.

Inevitably, some people feel that lessening the impact of the strike is taking sides. It is not.

LCC has not taken sides. The tube strike is an opportunity to promote cycling that, as a charity with limited resources, LCC has had to use to the full.

Cycle use most probably tripled on the first day of the strike. LCC is doing everything in its power to ensure this surge is permanent.