City Cyclists

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City Cyclists Police Success

LCC City have successfully lobbied the City of London Police to shift the anti-cyclist focus of their Operation Atrium road safety campaign. In meetings with City Police in January, LCC members managed to get three of the City's four zones to switch from specifically targeting cyclists to targeting all road users.

LCC member Danny Williams said, "The really positive point of the meetings is that we managed to sway City Police from thinking residents simply want to have their streets free of 'dangerous cyclists' to realising residents want safer streets for all road users. We'll have to wait to see how that comes out in reality and whether they start to really target all road users, not simply cyclists."

Focus points for Operation Atrium are at the following junctions:
Fleet St/Fetter Lane
Puddle Dock/Queen Victoria St
Aldersgate/Beech St
Ropemaker St/Finsbury Pavement