City of London embraces LCC's 'permeability' principle

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The City of London is implementing improvements to many central London streets, making journeys for cyclists shorter, safer and more convenient.

Moor Place is now two-way for cyclists, while bikes are also to be allowed to turn right from Beech Street into Golden Lane and from Golden Lane into Beech Street through the gap in the central reservation.

Further improvements include seven more roads that are currently one-way to all traffic becoming two-way for cyclists before the summer starts. These are:

  • Fann St
  • West Smithfield (two-way around the circuit)
  • Cloth Fair (linking with West Smithfield gives a total bypass of Smithfield market)
  • Throgmorton St
  • Salisbury Court
  • Creechurch Lane
  • Finsbury Circus (the western link to Moorgate)
Cyclists still need to take appropriate care as several of these streets are narrow and will only allow one road user (cyclist or motor vehicle) through at a time. However, the very low volumes of traffic on these streets should mean this rarely affects anyone.

LCC campaigns manager Tom Bogdanowicz said, "Making these streets two-way for cycling is very welcome. It opens up key cycle routes and enables cyclists to avoid busy main roads."

"We look forward to the City Corporation and London boroughs making more streets fully accessible to cycle users."

There are also plans to improve signage on the main cycle routes through the City of London.