City Road crossing latest

Council plans for the crucial Colebrooke Row/City Road junction have been revised following ICAG’s earlier concerns.

The Council is proposing a short segregated track in Colebrooke Row, as well as measures to stop vehicles making an illegal left turn from City Road into the path of oncoming cyclists. However, we are still not entirely happy with the proposals.

Due to the sheer numbers of cyclists using the junction at peak hours, there is a danger that northbound cyclists may be pushed into the path of southbound traffic exiting Colebrooke Row. Conditions are equally poor for pedestrians, with inadequate footpath space and on the Colebrooke Row side no crossing indicator.

Would it better to close Colebrooke Row to traffic altogether?

The latest plans for this and other schemes throughout Islington can be seen on the Council’s website at:


From the home page click on: Environment & Conservation > Traffic & Transportation > Cycle Schemes.

If you have any comments on Colebrooke Row, or would like more information, contact ICAG Borough Coordinator.