Climate Rush campaigners choose bikes to protest against Transport for London car culture

Campaigners from the Climate Rush environmental organisation will take to the streets in central London on bicycles on the morning of Thursday 22 September 2011 to protest against the dominance of car culture within Transport for London.

More details for the event here.

Spokesperson Alice Haworth-Booth said, "Toxic air, hundreds of road deaths, as well as the most congested streets in Europe: this is Transport for London’s gift to the capital.

"For as long as Transport for London values cars above people, neither our streets nor our lungs will be safe.

"It’s time their attitude changed. Our clogged up streets can’t carry this capacity any more, and our polluted lungs are taking the strain. People should be encouraged to leave their car at home, jump on their cycle or use public transport and walk."

Climate Rush is an activist-led environmental group that takes the suffragettes as inspiration, using peaceful direct action to highlight issues such as high train fares, air pollution, CO2 emissions and the lack of support for sustainable transport.

LCC's Mike Cavenett said, "Not all cyclists think of themselves as environmentalists, but every time we choose to cycle or walk instead of using motorised transport, we're reducing CO2 and air pollution.

"London has the potential to be a clean, green and efficient city, but only if politicians and civil servants work towards streets that encourage walking and cycling."