Collideoscope - cyclists build national crash and near miss databank is brought to you by the My Society team who build tools that empower citizens like 'They Work for You' and 'What do they Know'. It has been devleoped with ITP the integrated and sustainable transport experts.

This is a web app based system that allows cyclists to record their own incidents, collisions and near misses to build a national database far richer than official statistics and covering many more incidents than the police database (STATS 19).

Details of incidents can then be passed on to local highway authorities, and everyone else working to reduce danger on the roads.

Injury Study

The project is working in conjunction with the Bespoke cyclists injury study being developed by the trauma care specialists working at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel supported by the Barts & the London Charity.

Collideoscope will generate detail on location, type of crash and severity of injury - if any. The Bespoke team plan to learn much more about cyclist injuries and how the effects last longer than we might think.

Bespoke will focus on the serious injuries,  measuring the social and financial costs in order to lead policy decisions aimed at reducing crashes and casualties.  Very little data exists on the wider impacts of trauma injuries. It is hoped that studying cyclist casualties  can help improve care for all trauma victims.

"Near miss" reporting

Unlike any other reporting system Collideoscope encourages reporting your "near miss" incidents. Near miss reporting is an essential part of industrial safety systems.  Identifying danger situations before crashes happen helps speed up changes that can solve the problem.

The Collideoscope web interface is developed from, another MySociety project. You can enter your location, or spot it on the map, then enter the details. More work is needed to make it fully functional.  There is a contact form to suggest improvements or report bugs.

We would like to see the option to record crashes not involving other vehicles. The Bespoke team recorded 20 injuries out of a total of 75 involved a fall or crash not involving other vehicles. There also needs to be a category for crashes on off road paths in parks or the countryside.

Reports can include pictures or links to video clips. They can be updated later with more information. There are no plans to link collideoscope reports to police or manage the information to reduce road crime. The database could provide a useful measure of the extent of road crime and where it is a serious issue.

There is a tick box for "This incident has been fixed". That may be a hangover from the FixMyStreet site, it is not clear if this refers to fixing road layouts, fixing careless behaviour or fixing the subsequent injuries.