Community cycling fund for London: what we do and how it works.

Maintenance sessions at the Venture youth centre
Photo Maintenance session at the Venture Youth Centre in West London (project funded in 2009) 

LCC’s community team has been managing the Community Cycling Fund for London (CCFfL) for over three years.

During that time the fund has received over 400 applications and over 250 projects have been awarded funding.

On 26th March, 2010’s last funding round closed with a total of 70 applications – including the 43 applications received in the previous rounds that makes 113 cycling projects applying for funding in 2010 alone.

What happens next?

Whilst the successful projects form the Jan-Feb funding round have already started up, the selection process for second funding round is about to start. The selection panel, made up of representatives from Transport for London (TfL), Sustrans, the GLA and British Cycling, will meet on April 14th.

Not all bids can be successful due to the limited amount of funding available but all receive due consideration and will be notified of the outcome by April 26th.

The Community Cycling Fund for London

The CCFfL is a TfL fund with matchfunding available from the Big Lottery to help projects in need of extra support.
CCffL distributes £200k of TfL funding per year over two funding rounds.

In previous years, the maximum amount a project could bid for was £5k but in 2010, the CCFfL offers a limited number of £10k grants. In doing so, the funders hope to promote greater partnership working and cooperation amongst projects and non-cycling organisations and also to reach more beneficiaries.