Community Cycling Project

Get Your Community Moving!
The Community Cycling Project (an LCC project working with London Cyclists' Trust) aims to assist London’s community groups to set up practical cycling projects as a way of tackling the issues that concern them.

What is a cycling project?
Depending on your needs and interests, projects could involve:

cycle recycling through bike maintenance workshops
cycle riding skills to build confidence
learning how to ride a bike
fun leisure rides to improve health and fitness
creating cycling facilities to gain access to local shops and facilities
establishing a pool of bikes for use in your community
training local community members in cycle-related skills
Whatever your group’s interest, we believe cycling can provide a wide range of activities to benefit all.

Unemployment, health, crime, regeneration, reducing dependency, community building, or tackling poor transport links - cycling has a part to play in them all.

Cycling could also be linked to a wide range of community development issues. For example, groups involved in youth work, job training, local environmental improvements, health and fitness issues and leisure activities could all benefit from cycling based projects.

How can we help?
We can offer a FREE range of services to support and assist your group’s project or event.

We can offer:

information and advice on project ideas, equipment, training etc.

assistance in planning and organising projects and events

advice and support from your local London Cycling Campaign group

examples of successful projects to inspire and advise

help in identifying funding opportunities

help in linking up with other groups and organisations

our expertise on all things cycling!
What Next?
If you are interested in accessing the benefits of cycling for your community, have ideas for a project, or simply want to find out more about cycling then let us know.

Cycling can be for everyone and we want to make sure that everyone in London has access to the information and advice that can make cycling work for them!

For further information contact Community Cycling Officer Lucy Davis

Velo-city 2001 Report
The LCC's Community Cycling Project was presented to the 2001 Velo-City Conference in Glasgow/Edinburgh. Click here for a copy of the Conference Paper (Word file, 36 Kb)