Community Groups come together at London Skyride

Community groups at Skyride

Over 3,500 people join LCC's led rides

The London Cycling Campaign organised over 50 escorted rides to the Mayor of London’s Skyride on Sunday 20th September which over 3,000 people took part in.

However it was not just members of the general public that LCC encouraged to take part but also CCFfL funded community groups.

Community effort at the Skyride

Whilst some projects were unable to attend or did not feel that their group was ready there was still a good turn out and mix of people from Candi Cycles, the project run by Camden and Islington Mental Health Trust to The Get out of Bed Club in Ealing, a project for young people.

There were some previously funded projects who came along such as the Brixton based family cargo bike project who linked up with parents for pedal power who had funding in 2007 in Richmond.

The Haringey Cycling and Triathlon Club came along attracting new and novice riders as well as some of the ore regular riders on their trip from North London, and new additions to the community network including Wandsworth based Servite Houses.

Thoughts from community participants

It was a great event to encourage nervous or novice riders to feel more confident on their bikes as Samantha Murphy who came with Harnigey Cycling and Triathlon Club explains:

“I’ve really enjoyed today and it’s made me want to join the club and go cycling every Sunday. I was worried about cycling on the roads but we all cycled together from Haringey and it’s made me realise riding my bike isn’t as scary as I thought.”

Over 65,000 people participated in the event which now in its 3rd year and there is clearly an argument to extend the route and make even more London streets car and traffic free.

If you didn’t take part this year make sure you don’t miss out next year in London’s biggest cycling event.