Community groups to be the stars of the cycling show

Tough youths from warring postcodes cycling together; Asian women riding with their veils on; refugee kids separated from parents by war restore abandoned bicycles; women fleeing domestic violence, on bikes; obese children fighting the flab with pedal power…

Community groups from your borough, sponsored by the London Cycling Campaign (LCC), will be the stars of the city when they meet Boris Johnson and 40,000 other cyclists at the London Freewheel event on Sunday 21 September 2008. Escorted rides composed of community group members and led by LCC marshals will wing their way from the boroughs to central London. , A ‘London’ fancy dress/bike-decorating theme will make for a fun day out for all.

In its second year, the Freewheel event, organised by TfL and LCC, is the largest mass cycle ride in the UK, and enables cyclists of all ages and abilities to enjoy a leisurely cycle from their borough, past iconic London landmarks, to a central London bike zone where roads are closed to motorised traffic.

We can offer photo opportunities with the community group in your area before the event and on the day. We have images from last year’s event available now. We can arrange group interviews and individual case studies with group participants and organisers.