Conservative Assembly Members turn their backs on Blackfriars cyclist safety debate

Today, Conservative members of the London Assembly walked out of the chamber before the scheduled debate on reducing the speed limit at Blackfriars Bridge to 20mph.

Sadly, this move killed the debate on this vitally important issue.

Our chief executive Ashok Sinha had this to say:

"LCC has been strongly arguing for a 20mph limit at Blackfriars to reduce road danger, and help meet the Mayor’s welcome aspirations to turn London into a cycling city.

"We don't mind losing a fair fight by reasoned argument – that’s part of debate.

"But it appears that some members of the London Assembly would rather make political gestures than debate the crucial issue of road danger reduction.

"That’s bad for cycling, bad for road safety and bad for democracy."

We're calling on the Mayor to look beyond the procedural tactics adopted by his Conservative colleagues, and consider what's best for the thousands of Londoners who are increasingly adopting cycling and walking as a more convenient way to get around.