Conservative London Assembly members shock cyclists by turning backs on junction safety debate

A key London Assembly motion on reducing road danger at junctions, following recent cyclists’ deaths, was dropped on Wednesday 7 December 2011 when Conservatives walked out of a plenary session making the meeting inquorate.

LCC's Mike Cavenett said, "Today's events echo the Blackfriars walkout several months ago, which angered London cyclists so much.

"We're calling for immediate action to implement existing plans to make Bow safe, yet the Mayor of London and Conservative assembly members are conspicuously doing nothing to change this killer junction.

"A review has been promised but there's still no timetable for action."

Please join our campaign to email the Mayor to make Bow safe.

Response from Assembly Members

Liberal Democrat Assembly member Mike Tuffey said:

"Today's childish actions by Conservative Assembly Members have thwarted a key debate on cycle safety taking place.

"Their actions are an insult to every cyclist in London, as well as to the democratic process."

Green Party Assembly member Jenny Jones said: 

“The Tory walkout before we could take the cycling motion was perhaps partly based on embarrassment at the Mayor's poor safety record.

"He has consistently ignored cycling campaigners' advice on how to make junctions safe, leaving cyclists vulnerable to the faster traffic.

"This is playing with people's lives, not delivering good government for London.”

Details of the motion

Labour and Green Party Assembly members proposed the motion, which called on the Mayor to provide a list of locations where cyclists were most at danger and to report on why proposals from stakeholders for improvements had been rejected.

A Liberal Democrat amendment added points about roadside safety mirrors, cycle training and action at key junctions.

The motion can be downloaded as item 11 on this page.