Construction obstruction solution – the cycle tunnel

Construction obstruction solution – the cycle tunnel

Road works and construction works can hazardous, obstructive and a massive inconvenience for cyclists. But with a little thought and imagination obstacles can be addressed and resolved.

Midgard, working for the JRL construction group, took the innovative step of building a tunnel over the very popular cycle track in Cable St near Tower Bridge, to avoid diversions, cycle dismounts and hazardous conflicts.

The tunnel, built with scaffolding pipe, runs for a hundred yards above  the two way track in Cable Street. An opening on the street side provides both light and improved personal safety. As an added incentive to promote cycling Midgard has posted small posters with cycle journey  timings from the Cable Street location to various East End destinations.

The well designed and well used (Cable Street is used by thousands of cyclists every day) temporary facility was not first choice for Midguard. It was the helpful intervention of Michael Barratt MBE at TfL and the assistance of a local LCC activist that persuaded Midgard to install a facility that is welcomed by users and shows how constructive thinking can deliver a high grade result.

Midgard’s Cable St scheme joins Thames Tideway’s Blackfriars Bridge project in setting a best practice standard for cyclists at construction scheme.

A new guide to best practice for traffic, including cyclists and pedestrians,  at roadworks has recently been published by TfL – make sure your borough requires that the guide is  followed at local work sites and road works.