CONTINENTAL Gator Hardshell tyre, £38.99-£29.99 (folding/wire bead),

Modelled on the famous Gatorskin race clincher, this 2010 Hardshell version has more reinforcement for fast commuting or training. 
A breaker strip wraps the entire width of the tread to prevent punctures, while a Duraskin mesh helps fend off sidewall abrasions; throw in some extra thick rubber and this tyre really lasts. We’ve had several hundred miles out of these so far and they’re still performing, even in the wet; we’ve only had one flat too, a ‘pinch’ in the dark at Dunwich Dynamo. Available in 23/25/28c width, with folding or wire beads; our 25c folder weighs 280g.

PROS perfect for fast commutes
CONS pricey (but lasts)