CONTINENTAL Ultra Gatorskin TYRES, £22.95,


We’ve raved about the puncture-proofing of equivalent Gatorskin tyres we’ve ridden on road bikes in the past, but this is the 26in version designed for fast commuting on a mountain bike. Constructed using a lightweight 170tpi (threads per inch) casing, with a layer of Duraskin to protect the sidewall and tread and a belt-and-braces Kevlar central strip, it shrugs off road debris and imperfect surfaces. We've been running them at 100psi.

With all the tech and a wire bead, you might expect this Conti to be weighty, but it’s just 320g in this 1.125in width. It’s fast, grippy in the wet, and predictable in corners and other conditions; and no flats in hundreds of miles either. Why can’t all slicks be like this? JK

PROS anti-flat appeal, weight
CONS only one 26in version