Contributing articles and photos

Contributing to London Cyclist

London Cyclist welcomes voluntary contributions from members, writers and photographers who are interested in cycling issues. Indeed, the magazine flourishes as a result of input from members and others passionate about cycling, the environmental and/or London. The magazine cannot pay for contributions due to budgetary limitations, and accepts all articles and photographs in good faith. The editors reserve the right to edit any submissions for legal reasons and to bring them into line with house style. All content runs subject to the approval of the editors and senior LCC staff. Any content accepted for publication may be reproduced on the LCC website at the discretion of editorial staff.

We welcome voluntary submissions on a broad range of issues related to cycling in London. Potential contributors are encouraged to familiarise themselves with London Cyclist and its content, and to have a clear idea of where their article would fit into the magazine.

Contributors are advised to pitch ideas in the first instance to the editors and to await a response prior to dedicating time to writing. Competition for space in the magazine is strong, and we are not always able to accept every submission offered.

We prefer articles to be submitted via email in order to save paper, however we do accept hard copy submissions from writers who do not have access to the internet.

Many people donate their time to write for London Cyclist, including professional journalists, campaigners, LCC members, politicians, authors, environmentalists, academics. This diversity helps make London Cyclist unique and gives it a special 'voice'. If you are not already a published author, let the editorial team know upon first contact as they will be able to guide you through the process.

Contributions are regularly sought for the following pages/sections:

Opinion page

Feel strongly about a subject and have a strong argument to back it up? Good solid writing skills, the courage of your convictions and some solid facts are required to hold a reader's attention for 800 words.

My Way

Cycle routes or journeys in and around London, or experiences that relate to specific areas of London.

Outward Bound

Cycle journeys and experiences in and around, as well as within a reasonable distance of London (ie weekend and daytrips). Pieces should be factual and informative.


Life on the road abroad. This is not a travel feature but an opportunity to tell readers what life is like as a cyclist in other countries. Infrastructure, cycle accessibility and road rules/etiquette should all be considered.


Our technical pages cover everything from legal issues affecting cyclists to maintenance and repair, and cycle skills and safety. These are designed to help readers get the most out of cycling, and make it both enjoyable and accessible.

My Bike & I

Do you know a famous person or a community leader who cycles? This Q&A interview gives readers an insight into their life in the saddle.

Contributing photos to London Cyclist

As with writers, we are always keen to develop new relationships with photographers. Every page needs illustrating, so if you are a professional photographer and wish to contribute, or a keen amateur looking to gt published, we want to hear from you.

London Cyclist is now in full colour, which means great pictures are more important than ever.

As well as feature and cover images, we welcome images to illustrate news stories, local group news and rides.

We prefer clean, high resolution digital images (at least 300 dots per inch) sent by email or downloaded via a file-sharing website. Images can also be submitted, by prior arrangement, on CD/DVD.

All correspondence should, in the first instance, be sent using the link to the right of this page or to 2 Newhams Row, London SE1 3UZ.