Copenhagen shows cycling is one way to combat climate change

photo BBCWorldService-Flickr Excellent provision encourages 37% of Copenhagen commuters to cycle

As the world's leaders break sweat over carbon reduction, the Danes show how easy way it is to enjoy cycling, even in the winter.

Over 60 journalists took part in a tour of Copenhagen to celebrate its cycling culture, with active travel expected to play a key role in reducing cities' carbon dioxide emissions across the world.

One journalist said, "Despite the drizzle and cold, for someone who bikes in London it was sheer bliss. There are bike lanes everywhere, with enough room for two or three cyclists."

Over 100 world leaders will soon land in Copenhagen only to find carbon-emission talks apparently at deadlock.

The battle between the largest wealthy and developing countries over how to divide up responsibility for future carbon dioxide emissions has yet to be resolved.

The talks take place in a political and media climate in which, despite the opinion of an overwhelming majority of scientists, around 50% of westerners still remain unconvinced by the facts of global warming.