CPS refuses to act after motorist filmed threatening to kill cyclist


A cyclist has complained after the Crown Prosecution Service refused to take action against a motorist who was filmed threatening to kill him as he cycled through Hounslow in November 2010.

Martin Porter QC, a barrister, showed the headcam evidence (see above) to police, which includes the number plate of the motor vehicle, but no action was taken.

The incident took place on the A315 in west London after a driver became irate with Mr Porter 'taking the lane' in accordance with National Cycle Training.

Reported in the Evening Standard, Mr Porter who writes a cycling-related blog said, "I was saying to [the motorist] that it wasn't a good place to overtake.

"He zoomed off, but I overtook him at a traffic queue, then he came past me again, probably about four miles down the road, drew up alongside me, wound his window down and said he was going to kill me."

Responding to criticism that the incident was trivial, Porter said, "He drew alongside me no more than a couple of feet away on a narrow road and threatened to kill me."

A spokesperson for LCC said, "The authorities have a duty to protect cyclists from the minority of motorists who think it's acceptable to drive aggressively and dangerously.

Earlier in 2010 Hounslow CPS was on the receiving end of a highly critical report of from Her Majesty's CPS Inspectorate.