Cycle audit process

Our cycle audit consists of three stages:


We collate your site plans, staff and visitor flows, cycle user data and existing transport initiatives. This information is used to create a staff survey.

We communicate with the relevent senior personnel to establish your needs and budget.

The survey results evaluate cycle user and non-cyclist attitudes to cycling initiatives.


A visit to your place of work is essential to understand your site's potential.

We record human and traffic movement and behaviour for later analysis.

We conduct face-to-face interviews with existing cyclists and non-cyclists.

We recruit a 'cycling champion' at senior or board level - their support is crucial.


We provide you with a thorough analysis of our findings, which will be extremely useful if you implement further cycle development at a later stage.

The report includes suggestions for:

  • initiatives to encourage your staff to cycle
  • guidance as to why and where to locate cycle parking
  • huge range of motives to develop further

The report also provides assistance on cycle stand provision, with detailed contacts.

A range of cycling resources, including LCC-produced material, is made available for you.

This completes the cycle audit.