Save Enfield Mini Holland!

Please spare one minute today to help save the Enfield mini Holland progamme, otherwise known as  Cycle Enfield. Two of the latest improvement schemes out for public consultation (Enfield Town and Southbury Roadneed lots more people to come out in support. Especially from more people  who live and cycle in Enfield. The deadline for filling these in is this Friday, the 18th December.

So please use our template below to spend just one minute filling out the first page of both consultations to support them, and make sure we keep up the momentum for great cycling schemes in London. If you have another minute, then email or Facebook friends and family who cycle also!

Support Enfield Town improvements here

Support Southbury Road improvements here

Responding to the Consultations: the one minute option


This scheme could turn Enfield Town from a motor vehicle dominated environment to a more attractive, people-friendly destination.

Please select 'Yes' to support scheme Option 1 if you agree with our view.

We've written a suggested comment which can be copied and pasted, or re-written in your own words. Please paste this into the Comment section for question 1: 

This scheme offers a real opportunity to revitalise a town centre – particularly the north side of the shopping parade on Church Street. And offers real advantages to cyclists coming to the town centre or passing through.

Option 1 is far preferable as it offers simpler tracks and junctions for cyclists along Church Street – avoiding putting cyclists between two bus lanes running in the opposite direction from each other.

Both options have issues however. Some junctions retain hook risks and will feel unpleasant to less confident cyclists to navigate. And both options neglect Genotin Road – where the proposed cycle hub is located next to Enfield Town station.


This consultation is focused on the third scheme of the Cycle Enfield programme, Southbury Road from Enfield Town to the Borough boundary with Waltham Forest.

In the 'Scheme Overall' section, please select 'Yes' to support the scheme. And copy and paste, or rewrite in your own words, this for the Comment section for question 1:

This scheme offers substantial amounts of protected space for cycling, and improved junctions. However, I feel it doesn’t go far enough in key areas. Of particular concern are several junctions where either hook risks are not eliminated, or where approaches that are likely to severely disadvantage cyclists are proposed (such as “Cycle Gates” at ASLs or “two-stage rights”). The result will likely not feel safe enough for less confident cyclists to negotiate – thus risking limiting potential usage.

Both consultations only take a minute to respond to the main (required) sections and you can then choose to add in further comments or respond to other sections of the consultation if you wish to. 

Why is it important to support these schemes?

These schemes, like other mini Holland schemes in Waltham Forest and Kingston are sadly facing local opposition.  Which is a huge shame, because they will help to make  these boroughs safer, happier, more pleasant places to be. Yes, they will benefit those who currently cycle, but they'll also benefit those who want to cycle but are too scared to right now - as you can read about in local Enfield Cycling Campaign member Clare Roger's excellent piece for The Guardian. They'll help make streets safer for pedestrians too. What's not to like?

Read Waltham Forest Cycling Campaigns' excellent FAQ on mini Holland,

Find out more about Cycle Enfield 

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