Cycle Fridays take a break but novice cyclists carry on riding

Ravenscourt Park Cycle Friday

photo LCC's Cycle Fridays have guided over 400 new novice commuters into central London this summer

Guided 'BikeTube' rides will continue to run from Wimbledon and Greenwich to central London once a week, even though the official Cycle Friday rides have ended.

Greenwich ride
7.45am Wed 14 October, Cutty Sark - London Bridge
View the route here 

Wimbledon ride
8am Tues 13 October, S Wimbledon - London Bridge
phone Charles 07590 077445 for details

Cycle Friday success

During the 10 weeks of Cycle Fridays, working with Transport for London, LCC led a total of 60 rides, with 430 cyclists taking part.

The idea for guided 'BikeTube' rides came during the tube strike in June, with LCC capitalising on the disruption in commuter behaviour to run 10 rides over two days to encourage novices to try cycle commuting.

LCC marketing manager Lucy Cooper said, "Just cycling with someone to work once can give you the confidence to commute to work every day.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson joined novice cyclists on one Cycle Friday ride saying, "They're a terrific opportunity to give people who are tempted to cycle but maybe nervous of London’s roads, the opportunity to build their confidence."

Positive feedback from the Cycle Fridays
"I've lived in London for over three years and have always been scared about cycling around London drivers. Since going on my first Cycle Friday, I’ve cycled to work on my own three times now. Without your guided route, I don't think I would ever have cycled to work."
Claire Arnold, Cycle Friday regular

"The rides have got me cycling to work and I’ve discovered how quick and enjoyable it can be to cycle in London – it’s great to be shown a good bike route which has so little traffic."
Mark Campbell, Cycle Friday commuter from Brixton.