Cycle Hire users depend on London drivers taking more care

photo A key factor for a safer Cycle Hire Scheme this summer is more attentive driving, says LCC

City centre drivers are being urged to take more care after the Cycle Hire Scheme launches on 30 July 2010.


LCC campaigns officer Charlie Lloyd said, "Cycling is inherently safe. It is the danger caused by motor vehicles that creates risk for cyclists.

"London's car, van and lorry drivers must make it safe by driving more carefully. Drivers should only turn left or overtake when they are sure not to endanger any cyclist or pedestrian."

Evidence points to a 'Safety in Numbers' principle, which shows that an increase in cycling journeys makes it safer for everyone, tending to reduce the rate of collisions involving cyclists.

It's suggested this effect is due to drivers becoming more aware of cyclists, and more drivers being cyclists themselves.

In 2009, a Transport Research Laboratory report suggested that between two-thirds and three-quarters of collisions involving adult cyclists and motor vehicles could be attributed to the driver.

The most common cause was drivers "failing to look properly".