Cycle parking at work

A secure bike shed Credit: Adrian Lewis

It’s not ideal to have to lock your bike to street furniture for long periods of time – for example while you’re at work - so if your workplace doesn’t have its own secure cycle parking, see if you can get something done about it. Transport for London runs a scheme called ‘Take a Stand’ where your employer can apply for cycle parking for up to 40 bicycles. Contact TfL on 020 722 1234 or the LCC office on 020 7234 9310 for more information.

LCC can also arrange a cycle audit for your workplace so your employer can learn how to best utilise available space for secure parking. Call us on 020 7234 9310 for more information on setting up a cycle audit.

Alternatively, have a look for these in your area:

Cycle parks or public bike sheds – these are currently few and far between but they are an ideal place to lock your bike. Finsbury Park Cycle Park provides 24 hour secure parking for 125 cycles, using a smart card operated lock system. Some stations have also introduced secure bike sheds with a Smartcard locking system.

Cycle lockers – these can be found at some stations, council offices and  hospitals. If you think your local area could benefit from cycle lockers, try contacting your local authority.