Cycle parking helps Beat the Thief



In 2012, 21,770 bike thefts were reported to London’s Met Police. Reducing the large number of bikes stolen, also indicative of the rising cyclists in London, has always been high on the LCC agenda. Our ‘Beat The Thief’ campaign was instrumental in educating bicycle users on the importance of locking up bikes correctly, and one of the greatest wins gained from the campaign was the creation of the TfL funded Cycle Task Force. Despite these successes, we are still committed to issues around bike security, and with the knowledge and expertise of our Cycling Projects team, we continue to explore different ways in which to protect our beloved bikes.

Cycle parking is integral to bike protection and good cycle parking helps to discourage cycle theft. The Bikehangar scheme across London is off to a fantastic start and follows in the footsteps of the London Borough of Lambeth, who were the first borough to implement their Lambeth Bikehangars. For the uninitiated, Bikehangars are an on-street secure cycle storage unit holding up to six bikes. The spaces are managed by an online rental portal that allows London residents to apply for a parking space near them, and roughly all for the same price per year as one good bike lock. So far, this scheme has reached London boroughs including, Lambeth, Hackney, Southwark, with increasing appetite for them in other boroughs across London.

If you have a specific Bikehangar site location suggestion please let us know. LCC is currently working with the Bikehangar manufacturers Cyclehoop to help appraise local cyclist demand. Furthermore, to get more involved in cycling infrastructure improvements in your area, please contact 

For commuter cyclists, bike parking at work is a major issue in relation to the safety of their bicycle. London Cycling Projects can help maximise cycling at your organisation and with a Cycle Parking Audit, assess the current offering and advise what is needed to provide useful and secure cycle parking for staff, visitors and customers. The benefits of having a healthy, happy cycling workforce are obvious, but installing sound cycle parking can also reduce the cost of providing car parking, with a single car parking space, on average, supporting up to 12 bikes. 


Opportunities to access quality cycle parking are however just not enough on their own, and the methods you use to lock up your bicycle are still key if you want to avoid becoming a victim of bike theft. The late, great Barry Mason, Southwark Cyclists Coordinator, hammers the need for ‘2 good locks’ in this video, and whilst a simple message, the importance of following this advice should not be underestimated.

The way bikes are bought and sold also contributes to the problem of theft, so when you buy you should always avoid stolen property. The internet is the perfect place for thieves to sell on their wares; following these tips will help determine that what you’re buying is a legitimate item and street trading should be avoided at all costs. It’s also important that you know your bike’s unique frame number, so should it go AWOL you have a way to trace it, and security marking is also an easy and effective way to register your bike.    

To discuss cycle parking with our London Cycling Projects team, call 020 7234 9310 or email