Cycle route consultation

Lambeth Cyclists will be involved in two major route studies in November 2005.

These will be looking at how certain roads in Lambeth could be made more accommodating for cyclists, looking at any problem areas that may need attention.

There is scope for input from cyclists who use the routes shown below. If you cycle along all or any part of the route outlined, please let us know what your experiences are.

In particular we are looking for problematic areas or junctions, where in your experience things could be improved for cyclists. This could be anything from speeding to poorly designed existing facilities.

The initial site visits will take place on 3rd and 10th November.

ROUTE 1 (A3036/ A203/ A202)

Stockwell Rd - South Lambeth Rd - South Lambeth Place (Vauxhall Cross) - Albert Embankment - Lambeth Palace Rd
also including:
A202 from Vauxhall Bridge  - Harleyford Rd - Kennington Oval

ROUTE 2 (A23/ A202)

Streatham High Rd - Streatham Hill - Brixton Hill - Brixton Rd - Kennington Park Rd - Kennington Rd - Westminster Bridge Rd
also including:
A202 from Kennington Oval to Camberwell New Rd (as far as borough boundary)

Background notes:

Any route alignment for cyclists doesn't necessarily have to follow these actual roads but indicates a 'route corridor'. Any decision about what alignment the cycle route should be is a balance between catering for high volumes of commuter cyclists and directness of route vs quieter (but possibly slower?) alternative routes.

There is a standard questionnaire (downloadable above right) issued by Transport for London which you may find useful. It is primarily designed for identified stakeholders and is typically sent to ward councillors, police and other emergency services, schools, colleges, etc.

These studies are commissioned by Transport for London and are officially called a 'CRISP' – Cycle Route Implementation Stakeholder Plan. They form part of a rolling programme to implement the London Cycle Network (LCN), a 1000 km network of cycle routes throughout London. More information is available on TfL's website:

W: London Cycle Network