Cycle safety improves as Lewisham one-way system removed

One-way streets in New Cross, described as "intimidating" by local cyclists, are being reverted to two-way, making it safer for vulnerable road users.

On 5 September 2010, Transport for London works removed the one-way in Kender Street and Besson Street.

As well as the gyratory removal, there have been improvements to footpaths, junctions and pedestrian crossings. There's also a new bus and cycle lane in Queen’s Road.

Katie Williams of local LCC group Lewisham Cyclists said, "This street is part of my commute to work, and the more direct route cuts at least five minutes off my journey.

"The feedback we've had from others cyclists has been very positive: many had described the fast-moving motor traffic on this route as intimidating."

LCC's Mike Cavenett said, "LCC is also lobbying for the horrible multi-lane one-way system around Lewisham Way and Amersham Road to be removed completely too.

"It's about time this part of London was given back to the people."